Specialist Holiday Insurance for NJ Christmas Businesses and Corporate Parties

Specialist Holiday Insurance for NJ Christmas Businesses and Corporate Parties

Specialist Holiday Insurance for NJ Christmas Businesses and Corporate Parties

The holidays can be a fun time of year for everyone. Think about all of the activities, such as opening presents, taking the kids or pets to see Santa, and shopping at all the little shops that suddenly pop up to selling unique crafts, baked goods, or other seasonal items. And then consider going to the corporate holiday party. All of these activities make the season memorable, and you may even decide that you want to get in on the action. This may include making extra money to afford special presents or help your company plan a party. Remember to keep in mind is the liabilities that could arise for those involved with these activities and invest in specialist holiday insurance for NJ Christmas businesses and corporate parties.

specialist holiday insuranceSeasonal Businesses

There are plenty of small business opportunities at hand during the holiday season. You can sell Christmas trees, create a pop-up kiosk selling the crafts you made all year long or bake holiday cookies using your grandma’s favorite recipe. You can dress up like Santa to come to people’s homes or parties.

Protect Yourself and Others

There are plenty of ways to make money off the winter shopping season, but you may be setting yourself up for liability if you’re not careful. Protect yourself in case an item you’ve made to sell harms someone. Think about a customer that could get sick from the cookies you sold to them.

Corporate Holiday Parties

The corporate holiday party is always the party of the year that everyone looks forward to attending. Often, the main reasons as to why this is the party of the year that no one wants to miss are the same reasons as to why you need to make sure that your company is covered for any potential liability. Drinks are flowing. People that spend a great deal of time together can often get rowdy either in a friendly way or in a negative way. Either way, this could end up being a problem for where your corporate event is held if any damage is done.

What About the Cocktails?

Plus, there’s the whole liability of offering free drinks and then having employees drive home after the event. If you hold the event at another location, like a restaurant, there’s a chance that their insurance would cover any incidents, but there’s a good chance that your company could still be held liable in case of any lawsuits or other issues.

Types of Liability

Accidents and issues can happen at any time, even to a business that isn’t open for a long period of time during the year or for events that don’t happen often. The types of liability that you typically need to worry about with temporary businesses or one-time events are premise liability, product liability and operations liability.


Premise liability covers bodily harm and damage to property. Examples of incidents this covers include a fight at a corporate holiday party that causes damage, or a rented reindeer that came with your for your Santa visit and it ate your client’s prized ornamental plants. Product liability is in the case of something that could go wrong with the product that you’re selling, such as someone getting sick from your recipe. Operations liability is the risk of someone getting hurt while you’re performing the operations of your business. This occurs when a child falls off your lap while you’re acting as Santa or if a group of trees falls on customers in your tree lot.

Business Liability Insurance

You may be thinking that you’re crazy even to consider going into a seasonal business opportunity with all of the different liability issues. You probably don’t even think about liability insurance as the first issue that concerns you. The good news is that purchasing business liability insurance from an agency that you trust may help protect you from any potential bumps in the road. This insurance helps to give you peace of mind that you’ll have plenty of profits coming in without having to pay out even more in case there is a liability issue.

You Can Still Party On

You may think, well, I’m not making any money off of having a corporate Christmas party, but you don’t want to write off this yearly event yet. For most people, this is the event of the year that they look forward to, especially if your company no longer gives holiday bonuses as a way to save money. You can still have a great party while covering all of your bases with liability insurance.

Reach out to a reputable insurance agent to answer your questions about coverage that can help with your seasonal liability. No matter what your holiday position is for making money or creating the perfect corporate event, you and your endeavors can be protected during this festive time of year.

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