Will My Auto Insurance Rates Increase If I Hit A Deer?

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Will My Auto Insurance Rates Increase If I Hit A Deer?

Did you hit a deer or another animal?  Did the deer hit you?

Many people who have had accidents involving deers especially, and other animals, too wonder how their auto insurance rates will be affected.

The good news is that this is not considered to be a collision claim – it is considered to be a comprehensive loss.

Since it is a comprehensive loss, it doesn’t count as a chargeable accident that affects your rates.

Deer are not well-known for their intelligence. The phrase, “looks like a deer in the headlights” came about from a deer’s natural reaction to freeze and not move when it sees something causing danger, such as a rapidly moving metal object, better known as your car.

Unfortunately, they can be big, and can do significant damage to your vehicle.

One thing worthy of considering is that deer often travel in pacts. If you see a deer cross the roadway, often, others will follow. They have a tendency to follow the leader as they travel.

If you see a deer cross the road, be on the lookout for others who may be following.

Most accidents between car and deer occur between dusk and dawn. When driving at night in areas you know there are deer, it’s always a good idea to be on the lookout for them.

The worst possible thing you can do is lose control of your vehicle trying to avoid hitting a deer. Unfortunately, many serious claims result from trying to avoid an animal. No one likes to hit a deer, but given the choice between hitting a deer and experiencing serious, and possibly life-threatening injuries to yourself and your passengers trying to avoid hitting one, Your life is always more important.

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