8 Qualities of Reputable New Jersey Insurance Agents

8 Qualities of Reputable New Jersey Insurance Agents

8 Qualities of Reputable New Jersey Insurance Agents

Purchasing insurance is a major decision that can impact your financial well-being for years to come. Working with the right insurance agent can help you find the best level of coverage at an affordable price. Read below to find out 8 qualities of reputable New Jersey insurance agents.

1. They put the needs of the client first

Much like any other profession, insurance agents need to earn a living. A good insurance agent will always put the needs of the clients first. Customers and clients are the lifeblood of the insurance business, and there are many different agents to choose from. An unhappy client will quickly turn into a former client. Insurance agents who put the needs of their clients and prospects first listen to what the clients have to say to earn their trust.

2. They provide excellent customer service

The insurance business is all about making the client happy. People tend to become frustrated with insurance agents who are difficult to get in touch with and do not return phone calls. A good insurance agent will return calls in a timely manner, follow through on promises, and avoid promising something that cannot be delivered.

3. They have a high level of emotional intelligence

Insurance agents often need to deal with clients who are in a heightened emotional state. For example, a client might be dealing with an accident or a recent diagnosis of a serious illness. A truly effective insurance agent can listen to the client, read between the lines and determine what the client is really looking for and needs. Once an agent can discern this information, he can tactfully guide the client to the best solution.

4. They are honest

Honesty is a good quality for any person to have. It is especially important for an insurance agent. Agents can easily close a deal by using deceptive means. However, those who do are usually discovered rather quickly, which can ultimately cost them clients. Further, dishonest insurance agents can end up in jail if their deceptive tactics are extreme. Good agents are truthful from the start of their relationship with their clients, which ultimately results in winning their respect and trust.

5. They have strong organizational skills

Effective insurance agents have excellent organizational skills. The insurance industry is full of products and services that can be intricate and complicated. An agent who has poor organizational skills cannot easily keep the details straight and will not be able to communicate them to their clients effectively. Strong organizational skills are also necessary for keeping client and referral lists up to date and handy, which is necessary for client retention and growth. It is unlikely that a disorganized insurance agent will be able to keep current clients or win new ones.

6. They are reliable

Reliability is of the utmost importance for an insurance agent. Agents with a sense of duty and responsibility have a strong foundation on which to build solid relationships. Clients can trust that the agent will be there when they are needed, which provides the client with the necessary peace of mind that is often needed when an insurance agent must be called upon.

7. They are candid

Research completed by Insurance Forums has shown that agents who can speak candidly with both current and potential clients have a better chance of fostering long-term relationships with their clients. People want to work with agents who can always be trusted to be honest, upfront and kind.

8. They know when to listen

Insurance agents are required to do a lot of talking and explaining. It is easy for them to get wrapped up in the details of their products and become immune to whatever is going on around them. A keen agent knows how to pick up on verbal and nonverbal cues from their clients. There are times when a client needs the agent to listen to their needs. The best agents understand this concept and know when it is their turn to listen.

Insurance is a necessity for everyone. It is best to work with a reputable agent who has strong people skills and always puts their clients’ needs first.

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