Seven Ways to Find the Lowest Auto Insurance Prices in New Jersey

Seven Ways to Find the Lowest Auto Insurance Prices in New Jersey

Seven Ways to Find the Lowest Auto Insurance Prices in New Jersey

Everyone likes to look for ways to save money. Automobile insurance is an expense that everyone in New Jersey must incur. Consumers who are not savvy can end up paying more money than necessary to get adequate coverage. Insurance policy prices do not need to break the bank. Keep reading to learn about seven ways to find the lowest auto insurance prices in New Jersey.

1. Comparison shop

Comparing prices from different insurance companies is one of the best ways to find reasonably priced insurance. Since the Internet has made it easy to search for companies throughout the country, insurance seekers are no longer confined to using insurance companies that are located in their geographical area. Since companies nationwide are accessible, it provides a wide variety of companies to choose from in order to find the best price. Although comparison-shopping does take some time and effort, finding the lowest price on an insurance policy is worth it.

2. Increase the deductible

Someone looking to save money on auto insurance costs should consider raising the deductible on the policy. Generally, the higher amount of deductible someone is willing to pay in the event a claim needs to be made, the lower the monthly premium costs. Over the span of a year, the savings can be significant. Some insurance companies also have an option that allows drivers with good driving records to eliminate the deductible altogether. This option is also a good way to save money on auto insurance through the deductible.

3. Check for discounts

Many insurance companies will offer discounts to their customers for a variety of reasons. For families that have more than one car, a multi-vehicle policy can save a policyholder money. Most insurance companies offer discounts for senior citizens, relationships with affiliate companies, student discounts, multi-policy discounts, and many others. When insurance shoppers are comparison-shopping, they should check with each company to see which discounts are offered and if they are eligible. Taking advantage of discounts can significantly reduce the amount of money someone will pay for automobile insurance.

4. Look for pay-as-you-drive options

Some insurance companies offer a pay-as-you- drive option as a means of saving money. This option requires the policyholder to attach a small monitoring device to the car. This device measures the number of miles a car gets driven. This option is ideal for policyholders who do not typically drive far distances. An added benefit of the monitoring system is that it not only encourages policyholders to drive less, they are also encouraged to drive “green” because they are producing fewer environmentally-unfriendly emissions.

5. Consider changing geographical location

Moving can be a drastic way to save money on car insurance. However, it is effective. At the most extreme level, someone looking for a less expensive insurance rate can save by moving to a different area. Prices vary greatly from state to state. A simple move from New Jersey to New York can cause rates to skyrocket. If saving money on car insurance is a paramount concern, staying in the Garden State is the better option. Rates can vary in different areas of the same state as well. If leaving the state is not an option or does not provide the desired savings, simply changing zip codes can lower automobile insurance costs as well. Moving away from a high-crime area to one that is safer will lower insurance rates. Moving from a more populous community out to a rural area will also result in lower insurance costs.

6. Installing a security device

Finding lower insurance prices can be as easy as installing a security device on the vehicle. Insurance companies often automatically offer lower rates for people who have alarm systems installed. For cars that do not have a factory-installed alarm, after-market systems are readily available, easy to install and provide the same level of discount. It is always a wise idea to check with an insurance company to see which alarm systems offer the highest discounts.

7. Drive a less expensive vehicle

Insurance rates are partially based on the type of vehicle that needs to be insured. It is more expensive to insure a high-end or sports car. Conversely, cars that have traditionally been considered to be “reliable” cars have a lower insurance cost. Sometimes the savings difference can be significant. Those who drive cars that are more expensive to insure might have a difficult time finding less-expensive insurance without making a change in the car they are driving. If the money-savings is a priority, the switch might be well worth it.

Automobile insurance does not need to be expensive. By doing a little research, making some simple changes, and making wise choices, anyone in New Jersey shopping for an inexpensive auto insurance policy can easily find one.

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