A Friendly Reminder to Prepare a Home Inventory

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A Friendly Reminder to Prepare a Home Inventory

A Home Inventory: although everyone knows it’s important, in spite of best intentions it often seems to remain on the bottom of the to-do list. Why? Admittedly, in years past it could be a bit of an overwhelming task to take and print physical photos of all your important items, assemble them, along with notations, receipts and other documentation regarding value, date of purchase, etc. Once completed, it was then necessary to store the album in a safety box or other off-site location.

While this is still a viable method, the preferred way of compiling a home inventory today is by utilizing software specifically designed for the purpose. It makes the process much quicker and easier, and usually offers online storage for access from anywhere, anytime.

The Insurance Information Institute offers FREE Home Inventory Software, “Know Your Stuff®” with secure online storage, and even includes seamless synchronization with their iPhone and Android apps – click here for videos, information or to sign-up for the free service.

Most software programs provide setup wizards and step-by-step assistance for compiling your inventory, walking you through your home room-by-room, adding items and taking photos and/or video – video offers the advantage of including voice-over info on each item, or the room as a whole. Many will allow entry of in-depth details such as bar codes, model numbers and vendor information if you desire. Most will also provide the ability to include digital copies of receipts and/or warranties and other supporting information which can be invaluable in assessing replacement-value should the need arise.

Once your inventory is complete, it can be printed, stored locally and/or stored online and easily updated when new items are added to your home or old items discarded.

So, accept this friendly reminder to complement your homeowners insurance with an easy, comprehensive home inventory. And feel free to contact us for help with your insurance needs.

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