Craft Vendor Insurance for Homemade Businesses in NJ

Craft Vendor Insurance for Homemade Businesses in NJ

Craft Vendor Insurance for Homemade Businesses in NJ

Each stitch, nail or letter of your home-crafted product tells the tale of your heart and skill. In every sense, you pour yourself into each item. The planning, design, and creation take on a piece of the creator, which is you. Turning this talent into a business probably required a bit of effort and originality. It is your livelihood, your purpose and part of your dream. You may even see it as your baby. If anyone attacked anything this personal to you, your automatic response would be to defend it. In the craft business market, securing your assets works best when approached proactively rather than reacting to the situation. Insurance helps provide just such protection. Find out more about craft vendor insurance for homemade businesses in NJ.

craft vendor insuranceWhy Insure?

Selling your first product transitioned your talent from a hobby to a business. Unfortunately, this fact opens you up to attacks in a culture that would like to blame someone. People in this society may sue individuals and companies for the smallest of infractions. Your home-based crafting business is no exception.

Peace of Mind

In truth, the cost of adequately covering and protecting your endeavor is an additional expense associated with doing business. However, the cost of peace of mind is not included in the calculation. Not having insurance in the face of a claim puts you at risk to lose more than your business.

Types of Insurance

Insurance covers varying aspects of our lives as a financial safety net. Specific types of coverage protect your body, home, car, and business. The blanket of homeowner’s insurance fails to reach far enough to cover your craft venture, even if it is based within your home. Thus, home insurance companies will likely deny claims of customers injured in your home. After all, this specific insurance covers your guests, but not clients. Insurance policies are specific. So what do you need for your crafting business?

Consider Your Type of Craft Business

The best way to approach this question is to contact an insurance agent to inquire about the type of business insurance for you, specifically. Be certain to find a company with experience insuring crafters. These agents possess the expertise to find the policy that fits your unique craft business. First, let’s think about the basics.

Business Insurance

Typically, this coverage applies to brick-and-mortar retail establishments. Your home as a workspace does not land you in this category.

Liability Insurance

When a customer is injured in your home or on-site at a craft show, liability insurance works to protect your assets. Again, this is separate from a homeowner’s policy.

Vehicle Insurance

The protection on your automobile likely does not extend to coverage of your vehicle as you drive to a business event such as a craft fair. Business vehicle coverage exists separate from standard auto policies.

Inventory Insurance

The tools of your trade and stockpiled, created products typically fall outside the coverage of liability insurance. Also, homeowner’s policies tend not to cover damage to them. A separate policy, such as inventory insurance, is required to protect these items.

Product Insurance

For items with injury potential, coverage in the event of a faulty product proves wise. Creating items for children puts you at considerable risk in this area. After all, the passion of protecting your “baby” holds true for the parent on the other side of your vendor’s booth as well.

The Requirements of a Crafter

As a relatively new field, business insurance for crafters does not always make the list of an insuring company’s offerings. Finding a reputable company that offers the product you need is important. Just because a company doesn’t offer this coverage, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you can go without this type of insurance.

Craft Fairs

Organizations that host and sponsor craft fairs want you to be insured for liability. After all, they desire a safe and customer-friendly atmosphere at their events. Three options exist for securing protection in these cases. Liability can be covered by the organization and built into the booth fee. Or it is offered at an additional charge by the organization. Finally, it can be retained fully by the crafter as a separate policy.

Consider Damages

While this ensures that customers receive the care needed in the event of an injury, damage to your booth and products involved in an incident fall outside of this coverage. Inventory and product coverage protect you even though these policies are not mandated by craft fair admission committees.

Keep Location in Mind

Another important consideration is the geographic reach of any coverage. As craft show business owners learn to love travel, some offerings limit this scope. Be certain to check if your insurance covers other regions or states in which you conduct business.

Insurance for craft businesses offers protection, value, and peace of mind. These policies are a reasonable and worthy investment to discuss with an insurance agent. Protect your business and your livelihood as soon as possible.

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